Lesson plan

imgpsh_fullsizeMost schools can provide quality and a rigorous academic curriculum. But academic rigor and excellence alone don’t guarantee a successful career, financial prudence, and leadership. This is where AceVarsity steps in. All you need is to invest 20-30 minutes daily in our program.

At AceVarsity, we focus on life skills, habits, creativity, curiosity right attitudes, and business-sense at an early stage. We start exposing students to our ground-breaking curriculum to hone skills during the formative years of their life when they can be easily molded.

Each topic is covered in engaging video lectures, wherein we showcase numerous examples of approaches to build a skill or address a challenge.

Most topics in the video are followed by practical questions or exercises.

We believe that we excel in what we repeatedly do. It becomes our habit. For example, if a child holds a pencil incorrectly in the beginning, he/she might develop poor handwriting and if we do not take the measures to correct them, it becomes a habit.

This may look small, but these are the small details that we focus on. We encourage our students to keep revisiting these topics over and over again.

As a parent you want the best for your children; however everyone is hard-pressed of time and energy to teach important life skills. This is where we can help you.

Get registered and join us to take our kids learning to the next level!

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